We started a VFX studio 

Loni and I contributed VFX to the movies Little Death and DÌDI (弟弟),
both premiering at Sundance 2024. we will be at the fest let’s hang out :-) 

Almost done with ~12 minute movie that I think will be called “Now I’ve Really Seen It All,” documenting my and Loni’s friendship with our ex building manager Ian. Filmed from 2019 - 2023 ︎

my new short Digital Fortune Teller is online https://vimeo.com/760168111

5-10-22 nighttime doodles

new vid incoming. ripping 8 hr long bossa nova youtube videos in search of the perfect credits music
watch it here

I did VFX for the movie God’s Country, directed by Julian Higgins. premiering at sundance 2022

I created burn FX and composited a
handful of shots for this Mitski mv

all time fav. Beeswax <3

If I can ever make something that reverberates so much sheer joy I will be satisfied

wedding gift for my friends click the format glitches and the scribbles and images